New Year, New Blog

The beginning of a New Year is always a time of reflection, thinking back over the last year and looking to the things to come. I have been so blessed this year. I have my family. We’re healthy. We’re serving the Lord and growing in our walk with Him. We started be more health conscious this year – working out and eating better. We’re working in spite of the economy. My husband is starting a new job next week that is closer to home. I’m so thankful for the extra time we’ll have together in the future. We are truly blessed. I’m so excited about the things to come.

I have several goals for the coming year. My main goal is to commit my heart fully to the Lord and say “Yes” to Him before I even know what He might ask. I want to strive to make an appointment with God every morning and keep it. I want to give Him the first-fruits of my day, every day. I’ve already experienced the difference it makes. I strive to develop the discipline to do it every day in spite of what my flesh might be feeling that morning. We can’t be moved by what we feel. If we wait until we feel like doing it, it will never happen.

The second isn’t really a goal but I am so excited about the extra time I’m going to get with my husband every day. This new job is an answer to our prayers. Our daily routine this next year is going to be completely different and for the better. I know he’s going to feel so much better with the extra rest and time at home. He liked his old job but I think he’s really going to enjoy this new one. We can do our quiet times together in the mornings and hopefully get a run or workout in some evenings. I can’t wait!

Another goal I have is to continue on my weight loss journey. I love being active. It’s not about looks or what other people think anymore. This time it’s about my health and how it makes me feel. I have so much more energy since I’ve been training. I feel like a different person. I’m glad my husband and I are making this change now before we have children. I don’t want to be the family where everyone sits around the TV, computer screen or gaming console. I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle. My husband and I completed our first 5k this past August. It was quite the experience. It was difficult but I’m glad I did it. I hope that we can do some more this year.

As we close the door on 2010, I’m overwhlemed by God’s goodness and faithfulness. He has proved He is faithful over and over again this past year. He is good, true, and just. I don’t know what all the future holds but I know as long as we stay with God, we can get through anything. I’m excited about what God is doing in our family and I’m ready for the adventures ahead.

Happy New Year!!


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