Who Needs Exercise?

Who needs exercise? The answer -everyone!

I was messaging with a friend from college last week on FB about fitness and exercise. I shared with her how I had lost over 50 lbs. since starting on my journey to get healthy. She mentioned that she had always been a smaller person but that on the inside she was terribly unhealthy and out of shape. She told me recently her whole outlook on fitness changed.

Our talk got me thinking. It’s not about being big or small, it’s about being healthy. A lot of small people I know don’t exercise because they don’t think they need to. They are not big so there is no motivation. On the other side, there are bigger people who only want to lose weight. Being skinny is their only motivation and sometimes they try to achieve that in unhealthy ways. I was at a point one time in my life where I envied people who had an eating disorder or over exercised as opposed to being heavy because I thought that would be easier to deal with. At least then I would be skinny and fit in. Thank God that was a fleeting thought and I never headed down that road! One extreme is no better than the other – both are unhealthy.

My point is – fitness is for everyone! It doesn’t matter what size you are, how athletic, or unathletic, you are. Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. It’s not just about weight – it’s about cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure. It’s about confidence, strength, and self esteem.

Instead of making fitness about a number on the scale, let’s strive to make it a lifestyle! If you make exercise and eating healthy a priority, everything else will take care of itself.
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